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Use this website to quickly move files or share them privately with friends: after some time, everything you uploaded will be wiped off! It's free. It's temporary. And it's full-encrypted. Give it a shot! :)

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The idea

Hi! My name is Filippo, I'm a student at Polytechnic University of Milan, Italy.

One day I was working on a university's computer and a friend of mine needed to share a file with me. Although it was just a simple PDF, we didn't know how to handle it: I am very skeptical about to log into a cloud or email service with an untrusted computer. So... how do we transfer the file?


From this story came up the idea of a private, secure and free temporary cloud service. Sort of website that generates a QR Code or a link that you use once to download your files, then you forget it forever.

How can it be free?

The same server that host this website also runs other projects, like my personal website, hence the monthly costs of the hosting would have been the same with or without So, why don't we dedicate some free space to the rest of the world? :)

What does it mean that files are encrypted?

Basically every file uploaded is modified by the server to make it unreadable by anyone except you (or the person who has the link). This means that even the owner of the website can't see the content, which lead users to huge responsibilities.

To giving you an example, I have captured part of the hexadecimal codes that compose the profile picture that you see above (called plain text). Then I've encrypted the picture with the same method used on, and this was the result:

Decrypted version of the photo

Encrypted version of the photo

The two files are definitely different. You can click on the images to check how the browser tries to interpret unsuccessfully the encrypted photo whereas reads successfully the dencrypted one.

Moreover I took steps into avoiding buteforce attacks and flooding requests by filtering suspicious behaviour

Things for nerd:

All the files uploaded into this server are first encoded with base64 and then encrypted with mcrypt.TripleDES through a filter on the stream. Next step TODO: OpenSSL/AES-128 GCM. Every link generated by the system is cryptographically secure. No decrypted file is temporary saved on the server while downloading. The key used in the above example is "test". You can try to download the image by yourself and decrypt it :) Every filename and extension is replace on upload to ensure that any type of file (even PHP or EXE) could be uploaded without incurring into system error (and for security purposes, of course).

Why encryption is so important?

Privacy is the first reason. We don't want either to see our files being published or to have someone look into it. Especially if the content is sensible, like Credit Cards numbers, Social Security numbers or a photo of our ID card: sometimes it's far better to rely on an external temporary encrypted cloud service, instead of sending attachments by email.

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